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December 03, 2008



Oh, I read your blogs all the time. So sorry to hear about poor little Bryce. When is his b-day again? I know it is around mine (Oct. 16) but not sure of the exact date. Kara just turned one on Nov. 30. I have had many of the same thoughts and it is so hard to have her growing up so quickly. IVF isn't an option again for me--I have been able to let it go somewhat. I just want my birthparents to miraculously get pregnant again and e-mail me with the news. That is about 1 chance in a quadzillion but stranger things have happened!


Hey I still read and I definitely care. I know I'm still working on number 1 but we know we want more than 1 kid so we have all kinds of decisions to make after we get the first. I think we really want our kids to have someone else in the family who looks like them so if #1 is a child of color then we'll adopt #2. If #1 isn't, then maybe we'll use the donor embryos we have reserved.

I know IVF is super expensive but if you're concerned about another miscarriage or IVF not working out, maybe donor embryos would be an option? Just throwing it out there.

BTW loved the Christmas pics of Bryce. He is sooooooo adorable.


Poor bryce and poor you, it sounds quite miserable, but he also sounds like he is doing incredibly well.

The whole infertility thing takes away so much, including the some of the focus and enjoyment of your baby because you are worrying about how to provide them with a sibling. I hope you figure out soon when and how you want to go about this, we will all of course be here supporting you.

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So back to the cycling. In a perfect world IVF would work for us. I'm not sure it's worth spending the thousands of dollars again for another failed cycle.


It's too precious for words and I'm sure he's really going to appreciate that video when he brings his first girlfriend home. I wish I could upload it here but too many sickos out in cyber space. Plus, don't want people to think this is a kiddie porn site.

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