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October 30, 2008



Dear Kimmer, I can sympathize about your not knowing what to blog about any longer -- but I'm also a bit confused: this wasn't an official goodbye post yet, was it? I would miss your updates very much.

Thanks for your comment the other day -- it was much appreciated. I was so puzzled, though, as to why it never got published on my blog! I got it by e-mail notification twice, but it never appeared on the post itself. Very weird, and I'm sorry. You must have been wondering what was up -- as I was. But thanks again!

Bryce is such a cutie, I can't believe it. And your friend's question about sleep really made me laugh.


I just posted about the where to go from here question as well . . . I guess we'll both find out!

Your son is super cute . . . I can see the girls lining up at the door already!

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